Come here. go ahead!

Put on a new cotton, took the hands of the mother of the new cloth cotton shoes, see the uniform needle and thread lines, worn on the feet,valentino shoes sale bursts of warmth from the soles of the feet scattered throughout the body. When my father helped his mother drift away, has been lost at the school gate, my tears could not help but rustled down.

After a lapse of many years, I clearly remember the scene at that time, I still remember,cheap valentino shoes then put on new cotton, new cloth cotton shoes warm far less than their parents love the warmth of children.

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Later, I graduated from the normal school, childishly I was assigned to a hundred years away from home a small village, the school closed, the traffic is not convenient, life can not take care of myself into the mother’s care, often at home, Worry about me. Often went to the village letter on the registration point to see if I sent to the home of the letter. Although it was the mid-eighties, material life is not very rich, but I have a thin salary, livelihood is not a problem.