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1. Highly self-discipline and self-black

Why not say self-confidence? Not confident people, generally more fragile heart. A confident person, full of confidence in their own, often with a positive strength of the work,cheap valentino shoes and always full of passion. All the blind self-confidence, and fasting self-confidence, are self-righteous. The mind must be true to learn, even in the constant trial and error, but in the end can reach the peak of climbing that day.

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Where does self-confidence come from? And how to develop your own self-confidence? A high degree of self-confidence, from a high degree of self-discipline. What is self-discipline? Self-discipline is to manage their own, their own constraints. This is a very important ability. First learn to restrain yourself, valentino shoes sale with a strict schedule to control life, in this self-discipline constantly honed out of self-confidence. Self-confidence also represents the control of things, even the most basic time can not control, talk about self-confidence?

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Time is always quietly running forward, but the memories accidentally fell behind. Strange streets, cheap valentino and occasionally familiar smile but always let my heart burst of throbbing, think of you.

The first time you see high school just school that time. Unfamiliar students from each town to the city two secondary school. The teacher in accordance with the height and score points,valentino shoe sale good grades and poor performance sit together, probably want everyone to make progress with the meaning. My son in the class can be considered high, and naturally be assigned to the last row.

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You were assigned to the front of my teacher. Ordinarily you told me a high point, but ok, I can still see the blackboard. Besides, sitting next to me or a girl, this is why I do not want to change seats. Later, I and the same table has become the best friend.

Love, the farest distance for you!

She chose him from among the many suitors, except for his appearance and the goodness of all aspects of his knowledge,cheap valentino mainly his fiery, Buyiburao eyes often let her nowhere to escape, and let her finally determined to be in her encounter Grievances, sad to cry when he gave her a particularly strong hug.

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Which makes her suddenly feel from a man, never had the power of love. She removed all the reserved,valentino shoe sale from the attachment of his large chest and a strong arm. A love in full swing in her clear world began to deduce, as long as the two alone, she always like a kitten gently cling to him, enjoy his strong hug. In her heart, he special men, feeling no matter what, he will give her the strongest sense of security.

Come here. go ahead!

Put on a new cotton, took the hands of the mother of the new cloth cotton shoes, see the uniform needle and thread lines, worn on the feet,valentino shoes sale bursts of warmth from the soles of the feet scattered throughout the body. When my father helped his mother drift away, has been lost at the school gate, my tears could not help but rustled down.

After a lapse of many years, I clearly remember the scene at that time, I still remember,cheap valentino shoes then put on new cotton, new cloth cotton shoes warm far less than their parents love the warmth of children.

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Later, I graduated from the normal school, childishly I was assigned to a hundred years away from home a small village, the school closed, the traffic is not convenient, life can not take care of myself into the mother’s care, often at home, Worry about me. Often went to the village letter on the registration point to see if I sent to the home of the letter. Although it was the mid-eighties, material life is not very rich, but I have a thin salary, livelihood is not a problem.

Did you ever seen it?

do you know? I dreamed of you last night, the dream of you as always handsome, you back to me,cheap valentino sitting in that we often go to the cafe often sit in the position, I walked straight toward the location of the walk, but see To you, I froze there paused for a long time, and then you turned to see me, you smile at me,valentino shoe sale I have the courage to try to approach you, but never get that position, watched you In close proximity, but it is difficult to close, and finally until you disappear.

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I suddenly woke up, eyes open, dark, quiet, I emptied for a few seconds, and then finally recognize that you have left my fact. Yeah, it’s gone.

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Love and dress

Clothes do not have the best look, just the most suitable for their own. Love can not exist in the same barely. The world hundreds of thousands of clothes, met really fit, cheap valentino they do not like much. The vast sea of people, make their own unforgettable, white to old, and only one like that.

Buy clothes, you are hard to pick their favorite, in this process, you have to spend time and energy to think and find. Some people, at first glance fancy a dress, from the time in the last obsessed, that no longer find more suitable for their own clothes. Later, you missed a lot. Then again, when you go back and find it again, valentino shoe sale find that it is not for you, though it is so bright and beautiful. Love is the same, love at first sight does not necessarily spend the rest of his life, do not love does not necessarily can not hand in hand. A person afraid of loneliness, two people afraid to live up to hope that a person’s freedom, eager to warm two people. Love, the total need to pay. Need your hardships.

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An experienced cadre told me about a real story. A teacher is very concerned about the students, and even to the students to wash clothes, wash socks,cheap valentino students have to take things to take care and protection of the attitude, looking at a regiment and gas. While another teacher is particularly severe for students, and even punished for individual disciplinary students, so that teachers and students have antagonism.

The results of graduation, the teacher to protect the students of the class most students did not get a diploma, and teachers strict management of the students most of the class students get a diploma,valentino online sale  when people hear the students to protect the students by the students abuse, The reason is that the teacher pounded them for a lifetime. And strict control of the students of the students have been the students praise, they said: “Thanks to the teacher usually on our strict requirements, we can have a successful life in the future.”

Both men and women are the fans of the valentino shoe

Both men and women, everyone has had a hat experience. Especially in the present can enjoy the era of self, the hat has been transformed into functional by the decorative type, valentino shoe sale has become part of the people in an indispensable part of clothing, and gradually sought after.

In writing this text, happened to his wife just shopping back, bought a swimming cap, is the kind of a grasp, very soft, flower lattice, brisk, delicate and stylish. Now people, valentino shoes sale very know how to enjoy, is to go swimming, but also to prepare everything, what swimming cap, goggles, the same can not be less, all to take into account. What is going is a process, especially a prepared process. And enjoy, is also such a prepared process.

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Can not remember where to hear such a sentence: “Women seem to love jewelry, with those colorful and colorful jewelry to decorate themselves, a platinum diamond ring, valentino shoe sale a Lantian jade bracelet, or a pure gold necklace , He can make a woman in an instant glittering. “He never doubted the correctness of this sentence, but that day he found that women do not have such jewelry dress, it seems to be shining, or more than those who wear jewelry lovely.

She and he is alumni, after graduation, and then assigned to a construction company. cheap valentino bags He is soaked on the site all day, hard not to say that wages are very low, but she likes him, not for anything else, because others are really good reading, but also write beautiful words.